Rare and Random

I stumbled upon my old high school Creative Writing teacher today, who said the most touching thing to me. When I pointed to the scrubs uniform I was wearing and explained that I’ve been going to college and studying to be a clinical lab assistant, he says “The last time I saw you, you were working at Taco Bell, right?” He points to his temple and says “You’ve got way more up here than those places ever needed out of you” and smiled, seemingly pleased at my choice of profession.
When he was my teacher and I was in high school, he had a heart attack, and when I stumbled upon him some years ago while I was working, I recall he may have mentioned having had other incidents since then. With no disrespect intended, I’m amazed he’s still alive. I’m so glad he’s still alive, apparently enjoying life and I’m so lucky to have come across him today; there was more kindness and assurance in those few passing minutes than I’ve been shown since I’ve been an adult.

Thank you Mr. Steve Austin, that was the sweetest moment I’ve experienced in a very long time.

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