A Short Street Harassment Story

I was sitting sideways on the saddle of my 20 inch BMX bicycle which was leaned up against a metal post hoisting a bus stop sign at the base of Sunnyslope Mountain on a cool night around 10PM. I’d just left a friend’s apartment after hanging out and picking up some weed. I was alone and this bus stop had no seating and was situated between the apartment parking lot and a street which sloped very slightly southward as it curved around the base of the mountain.  I don’t remember what sound I heard which made me look behind me, but it was otherwise quiet and dark apart from the cars passing on the street. My back was to the parking lot which had a low stucco wall about four feet away. The parking spaces nearest to me were occupied with various vehicles, dark and seemingly empty. Between the two cars directly behind me was a man with a grin on his face and erect penis in hand. He was white, shiny-headed bald and aged somewhere between 18 and 35. He was shirtless and muscular. The distance between us was maybe a good 15 feet. I blinked for a split second and said “Oh jesus…” in a tone that sounded like a big sister being bored with her brother’s booger jokes, but my brain was freaking out in a way that I can’t describe. I grabbed the handlebars of my bike, hopped on and sped off as fast as I could, not knowing whether he had attempted to close the distance between us where we stood. I raced to the next bus stop and sat for a few moments, debating on the possibility that he might board the bus at the previous stop and thus I would end up on the same bus as he. I rode my bicycle the rest of the way home.

I don’t remember if I told my husband at the time about it.

ed. This incident occurred in roughly 2002 or 2003. I would have been 22 or 23. Before anyone asks what I was wearing, it was probably jeans, boots, a black sweater and black backpack.

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1 Response to A Short Street Harassment Story

  1. I have never before read such rampant misandry!!!!!

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