Further Counterpoint from My Own Playlist

After returning home this evening from filling out my school financial aid forms and having the tour (I’m so excited and scared!), I started putting a playlist together of songs to have handy to play on breaks during my livestream broadcasts. As I clicked through to add all my old obscure faves (fwips out thick hipster glasses), I stopped to listen to Sublime‘s “Romeo”.

Having known and loved this song for many years I’ve connected to it’s lyrics on several levels throughout my life. That’s one of the hidden beauties of music, it’s both timeless and evolutionary. Probably no other art form encompasses the range of human expression quite like music. A tune from 3500 years ago is just as relevant and relatable today as is the most vapid of pop culture music. 

And here I sit listening to this song realizing it relates again, for different reasons, and from a different perspective. Being able to objectively evaluate situations and understanding the many variegated contexts in which our interactions manifest is crucial to the goal of removing as many limitations to personality development as possible.


PS: Can ya tell I’ve figured out how to link stuff? xD

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