Serendipitous Counter Response From an Unexpected Source

Previously I wrote here that I had not encountered any art expressions coming from the perspective of the the dump-er. Inexplicably, I had a long conversation several hours afterwards with the ex that broke my heart the most. I realize I haven’t yet detailed that particular fiasco, but I thought it was relevant to point out this particular correction.

Some years ago, and some years after the breakup, he posted a message on my Steam profile that linked to this song and said something to the effect of ‘I got regrets.’ I blew it off with little more than “I’m glad you feel bad =)” and that was that. Long story short, I showed him the the post and the picture and he mentioned the song and the post he had sent me. Before he could finish typing I realized he had just proven me wrong. Him of all people, whom I had to force myself to believe was incapable of remorse.

I actually appreciate being proven wrong, so here I display one example of art intended to express what it’s like for the one who walks away.

Incidentally, after reminding himself of this song and listening to it again while talking to me, apparently it made him cry. I know I’m a jerk for mentioning that in public, but who could ever expect that kind of vindication?

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3 Responses to Serendipitous Counter Response From an Unexpected Source

  1. iruparazzo says:

    I suppose this place is no secret lol, but incidentally I did omit who it was xD Outed yourself, hah! hiss hiss everyone point! lol jk thanks for reading =)

  2. ash says:

    Well I just found my way here while watching you on twitch (through links from your twitch). Maybe you are a jerk for mentioning that, however I’m not offended or hurt by it. Listening to that song again was maybe not such a wise decision for me though hah!

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