It’s Easy to Walk Away

This picture is dedicated to a lovely and deserving woman, my friend yunakitten ( ).


Accepting changes is sometimes as hard as making the changes you wish to happen. Most of the time we get to just swallow the loss of hope in silence, as the rest of the world, and indeed our aggressors, prance onward in seemingly guileless self-satisfaction. With no input we are left to spin in insecure self reflection, imagining every hypothetical scenario and grinding over each detail in hopes of finding one sliver of meaning – any tiny scrap of closure.

With absolutely no one to reflect off of and lacking any sense of closeness, there is nowhere for the pain to go. So it doesn’t go anywhere. It sits right there and you carry it with you forever. Time does not diminish its presence, only its pungence.

There must surely be a reason that there is no art on this subject created by the ones who walked away. I find no articles or stories written from the perspective of the ones who had nothing to say before they left.

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